International Submissions for 

Tokyo Art Kogei 2019

Porcelain Painting

The National Art Center, Tokyo, Second Floor Gallery 2B

(Roppongi, Minato-ku) ​


Not constrained by the bounds of traditional Japanese kogei craft arts, Japanese artists have continued to pass down and spread knowledge and skills of traditional arts from other nations of Europe and America. Held at the National Art Center, Tokyo, this exhibition will be for such artists. We are calling for artists whose craft works transcend genres and have a high level of artistry.


Wednesday, November 27 - Sunday, December 8, 2019

Submission Period

Wednesday, May 1 - Thursday, October 10, 2019 (arrive by date)


Porcelain Lace Doll

Porcelain Lace Doll are porcelain dolls dressed in a dress formed by lace soaked in liquid porcelain slips. Fired at around 1200 degrees Celsius, the doll is fired repeatedly, adding a layer of glaze and China paint each time. Born during the development of European porcelain, this technique spread to the United States and later on to Japan.

Japanese Pottery 


Japanese Pottery uses ceramic or porcelain clay to form vases, plates, and dolls by a pottery wheel, slab, or by hand. 

Egg Art


​Egg Art are engraved, colored, or decorated ostrich, chicken, or duck eggshells. During the medieval European times, eggs were decorated with complex techniques using precious metals and cloisonné.​

​Porcelain Painting are fired at around 800 degrees Celsius. Flowers, landscapes, and portraits are painted on white porcelain such as porcelain tile, dish, and vase. Other than painting with colors, there are various techniques such as gold painting and gold relief.


Porcelain Painting

European Pottery


European Pottery are made with ceramic soil or Mycera clay. Vases and plates are decorated with flowers and birds. They are fired repeatedly, adding glaze and China painting.

​Metal Embossing Art

Metal Embossing Art is a three-dimensional picture formed from a thin tin board called a pewter. It originated from British tin craft during the Roman Empire occupation.

Glass Art


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